Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On angels, buried treasure, and transformation

Thank you Ann, Katie, and Sue.

Little guardian angels are starting to come and go from Prospect. It's so much fun to be in the sort of middle kingdom where they meet and then part, flying off to different places, to watch over people. I do like that, truly! There's something of the Sedona release in that, only with a twist. You aren't just releasing what you no longer want or need, you are releasing things that may be just what someone else needs. I'll need to work on a little releasing angels mantra. "May you go in peace, may you abide where you are needed, may you awaken love and all good things, and may you be free to move on if you are no longer needed." This whole swap feels very transformative.

More releasing and transformation from Seth via jaihn and Cyn. Did you ever create treasure as a kid and then bury it making sure to create a map so that you could dig it up later and be reunited with your treasure? No? Oh well, I did in my Taiwanese childhood. I think at the time I was half hoping that the treasure would stay buried and then be found by some children, generations later. Funny, eh? So anyway, back to Seth, jaihn, Cyn and maybe 70 or so other participating artists. Seth Apter started this winter project on his blog The Altered Page, and the basic premise is to take some pages from a book and tie them in a bundle or bundles and expose them to weather. And record the art process in which Nature is your collaborator.

Well, we surely have weather, so here's my bundle. I actually tied up Keri Smith's "Wreck This Journal" (which I had been meaning to bury for a long time) with all kinds of papers and even a couple of home-made books. It's in a pile of seaweed and old rope above the high tide mark, under a bit of snow. (The seaweed was brought up above the high tide mark in the fall by D.H. the Irish potato farmer.) Again, here's a release and transformation kind of project. I love it. Am eager to see what Nature and I come up with in the end! Don't you want to play?

Keep sending angels and I'll keep them moving! Thanks so much everyone, for doing this!


jaihn said...

A splendid bundle indeed!
Your choices, as ever, have that wrysmile~Inspired ring about them.....
(Ok I am putting my pens down now. Zzzzzzzz honest.)

Seth said...

So glad you decided to be a part of this Lani. Your bundle looks spectacular already and I love what you have included inside! cannot wait to see it on May 1!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing projects. I've been stewing on a conundrum that is related to these 'release' projects. I've been a creative all my life and yet cannot discern my life's purpose/calling. Writing, mixed media art, photography, connections... all my 'disciplines' yet I have no clear direction in which to proceed. There is a deeply embedded voice that still controls my 'monkey mind' yet it isn't loud enough for me to locate and alter the message. Reprogram and take flight. I wonder if you have any art projects in your bag of tricks that might help me on my journey.

Anonymous said...

I love the artwork on your page. It's very appealing. Your mentioning buried treasure. I too buried treasure with my childhood friends when we were little.Isn't that the best times. Here's a great children's story I know you will love:


Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Anonymous 2. The book does indeed look intriguing. If you are related to Nadine Simon, it would be fun to visit. I'm only in Nova Scotia, not so far away.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Very yummy looking bundle! Roll on MAY 1!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Very yummy looking bundle! Roll on MAY 1!

rachel whetzel said...

What an appropriate stack of books to place your bundle with!! I love it!