Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Valentines' Day Challenge (for Erika C.)

Old collage by Lani, new Photoshop Actions! (still having fun)
Erika asked for a Valentine's Day challenge. So here it is, based on a challenge from a few years back:

Find a way to create and distribute artful secret love notes. Play with this a bit.

I have been wondering what artful secret love notes from the universe would look like. On my morning walk with the dogs & Edward, I noticed the sparkling frost, the beautiful light, the delighted dogs wrestling and chasing each other across the barrens. Would these love notes from the universe take the shape of the sparkling frost in the morning light, or would they look like Bruzzi, Prospero, and Farley playing happily together? Or maybe there's a note embedded in the small drumming sounds the water makes below the ice that covers the streams.

Tomorrow I will go out and find my new secret love notes.

Would you like to find some love notes too? What will they look like?

Have fun with this Erika!


Erika C. said...

Thanks, Lani for this great idea. It was good for me because my kids and I were so busy making the assigned valentine's for their classmates that we never got to making them for each other.

But the love notes I saw were the loving ways my daughter and son treat each other. And there was a dramatic one, after Valentine's day driving home from a ski weekend in Vermont with my kids (I am not really a skier and they just started learning). I saw a huge flock of birds fly over the car in the shape of a heart. It was beautiful and dramatic.

Thanks for this idea again, Lani.

Lani Gerity said...

You are very welcome, Erika!