Sunday, February 22, 2009


I woke up this morning thinking about buried treasure. A little later I start up the computer and discover there's treasure right here.

These came from jaihn and as always they are a delight! First there's this video of kids looking through some art journaling supplies, SO much fun! Makes me want to do a journaling workshop with kids!! Right now!

It's a fantastic video, and if you go to youtube to watch it you can see Mary Ann Moss's other videos. All delightful and inspiring. And the great thing that jaihn found was that Mary Ann has a wonderful blog where you can read more and see more about these art journals for kids!!

And jaihn found these treasures via iHanna, which is treasure in itself.

Thank you jaihn, who is also glorious treasure herself.


jaihn said...

You say the Loveliest Things!
I am so delighted you took this and ran with it.
I didn't get to posting it yet....

Ooooohhhhhh ~ Flowers!

I make those noises now too, to remind myself of that good feeling. 'Ooooohhhhhhhhh ~ I like that......'


Lani Gerity said...

Ditto! OOo0hhhhhHHhhh, yessss!