Friday, February 20, 2009

Very happy finds

Happy accidental photograph of Prospect (with a little photoshop action).

On our morning walk with the Bergamasco Boys and Farley I found a little Kodak camera. As we were returning home, I took this shot of the harbor, just for fun, to see if the little camera worked. Another happy find was
a wonderful blog called .v, full of happy lists. Just reading these lists can release endorphins.

Another happy find is one of the happy list authors,Pia Jane Bijkerk, whose blog is all about enhancing the everyday! It is a delectable, scrumptious, image filled delight!

And from Chookooloonks I found this wonderful video - TED talk of Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have ever wondered about how to think of your art making, there are a few ways right here:

You can also find a fascinating Q&A on her website about Eat, Pray, and Love, a sort of mini travel log or mini version of the book, with photos.

And from this talk I met the poetry of Ruth Stone that Elizabeth described as "caught by the tail" and written down last line first.

"...years of it, accepting
from each hand the gifts,
without knowing why they were
given or what to make of them."

And from her talk I was reminded of a long ago passion for Tom Waits:

So that would be my happy list for today, 1. walking the dogs, 2. finding treasure, 3. creating treasure, 4. a wonderful blog called .v, 5. a scrumptious blog from Pia Jane Bijkerk, 6. Chookooloonks, 7. Elizabeth Gilbert, 8. Ruth Stone, 9. Tom Waits, 10. making a happy list!

What's on your Happy List today?

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