Sunday, March 22, 2009

Altered Book Round Robin

I'm starting a new altered book for the Art Therapy and Positive Psychology group. I found an unwanted kid's board book (These are my favorite for altering because I have no guilt about altering yucky "art" and silly "text".) I did some of my photoshop collages, printed them out and glued them down. Our theme is positive psychology, so we are looking at positive human emotion, character strengths, flourishing, gratitude, happiness, joy, inner satisfaction... you get the general idea. The cover has the phrase "we are loved beyond our ability to comprehend". I think at the heart of the study of positive human emotion is this idea that at our core, there's something quite magical and lovely, and I think it that needs attending to. It needs nurturing. So perhaps my altered book is about that, how to nurture that something at the core that is magical and lovely!

The sign-in is a tag on the left in these two pages (not really a spread) and the little girl here on the right is my first page, "We can alter what we notice." Much of this was dipped in walnut ink (hand made from black walnuts in Ontario) and then baked in a toaster oven.

Here's the last page, inside and outside.

The whole thing is loosely tied so that it can be worked on easily. When it comes home, I'll bind it properly. It's been a very positive experience so far, and we haven't even started! (More to come)

Gretchen Miller is in this round robin so you can see what she's doing on her blog.


Seth said...

What an incredible book. Looking forward to seeing it develop!

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks, Seth, it's going to be fun! I love altered books and how they really do develop and grow and how that develops and grows US!!!

jaihn said...

Lovely, Lani! I like the loose easy-to-work-for-now format, too.
And O! 'We can alter what we notice'.
Just Lovely.

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you jaihn!!