Friday, March 13, 2009

Links and Inspiration

Collage made from images from Gretchen's blog and flickr account.

Do you know Gretchen Miller? artist, art therapist, and president of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association? Gretchen has a wonderful blog full of art and ideas about creativity that should keep you busy for hours and inspired for a long, long time to come. Do take a look and consider what you would put your a mini altered board book to remind you to release, detach, and relax? Thank you Gretchen!

Huyen MacMichael over at 14 Secrets gave us this link to Lea Redmond's website which Huyen's husband found. She's got loads of interesting Free Projects and a free book which is wonderful. (Ant Book is all about nature, human artifacts, culture, and in it she cites authors like Annie Dillard, David Abram, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.) There's also a store on her website full of quirky, interesting things like a matchbox puppet theater and the world's smallest letters delivered by the world's smallest postal service. Intrigued?

Here's a quote from Lea's Ant Book:
I invite you tonotice the material world that you inhabit and the secrets that itholds. I invite you to let your senses loose, and to trust them. I invite you to not assume that what appears to be is, and to keep an eye out for “mistakes” you may have been making all along. I invite you to read between the lines – not just the lines of text, but the lines of this material world. I invite you to keep a loose grip on your language, and to sometimes just STOP!… and listen. I invite you to not be scared of that which seems strange, and to maybe even become it. I invite you to let go and to entertain possibilities that seem absurd. And then I invite you to take these possibilities seriously, to let yourself actually implement – with the behavior of your body – something that you know inside. I invite you to play and believe in magic, and to make a habit of breaking habits. I invite you to stop in the middle of the sidewalk, lie down, and look up. And to walk on all fours like a bug. Why? Because we never know what we are missing and there is simply no good reason to settle for scarcity when richness is right under our nose. To all these things, you are invited. RSVP if you will, if you dare, if you wonder what could be.

And finally the inspiration to explore William Kentridge's work came from childhood BFF Kiki MacInnes. I don't know why I waited so long since I know William's Uncle Leon who lives up the road from me, and we have discussed WK's work. Well better late than never!) His work is brooding, humorous, filled with history, and very beautiful! Just search YouTube for William Kentridge and you will be lost in charcoal and mystery for days. Thank you Kiki!
Martha, Lani, Kiki, Lucia, and Lois


Justme said...

I appreciate the thoughts posted and that is how I always lived my life and tried to teach our children and others to think or try it out too. I was always just a big kid, even more so when I was hit the first of 5 times I was hit by a drunk driver in my life. At 17 my neck was fractured and it made me look at life and live it, differently than most of the people I've ever known or met.

Now with RA and being on oxygen 24/7, I can't drive, or even get out of my home. Do you have a site or person with suggestions for people who are housebound and can't get out to do those things anymore, see no people, or anything resembling normal for you, this is normal for me I know all too welll! I've appreciated my house and that I have it for 10 years.

I miss driving, walking, getting out and seeing people, DOING and FEELING things. Any suggestions for people such as I am would be helpful. Even making or doing art at times, well when that's all you can do, looses it's gusto at times, and yes I appreciate that I can still do that!


Lani Gerity said...

Dear JustMe,
What I would say to you is exactly what I tell all of us! We all have a tendency to think our particular human suffering is special. We tend to think that happiness, love, wonder, joy, and all good things are outside of our selves and that we have to go get it. I don't believe that is true at all. I really think happiness, love, wonder, joy, and all good things are inside us, inside our hearts and minds.
You might want to look into some focus-shifting for you peace of mind. You diserve that. We all deserve that, actually!
Living With Heart is a website about adversity and healing with some marvelous links, lots of good material here. with news and tools for happiness, love, and wisdom. They also have a lot of links and downloads, great thought provoking material.

They even have some inspiring quotes to help us let go of the thinking and feelings we need to let go of.
"Do what you can, with what you've been given, in the place where you are, with the time that you have." – South African boy who died of AIDS at about age 12
Beautiful, eh?

Faithfully yours,

gretchen miller said...

Hi Lani-- Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog-- I appreciate it! Look for me to return the favor in a future posting on Creativity in Motion- although your blog is already on my "blog roll"-- your blog is one of my favorites and inspires me!

Lani Gerity said...

Hi Gretchen,
I had fun making the wee collage from your images! And your blog is wonderful!! Did you see the tiny "you" peaking over the "I was a good girl" page?