Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking about Resilience!

Wonder and Awe collage by Lani

Because I'm starting a new course** on Resilience and Art, I've been on the lookout for new ways to think about resilience and new ways to build resilience into art challenges. I came across the Wisdom Commons website. They define resilience in an interesting way that got me thinking.

Here's what they say:

Resilience is the ability to work with adversity in such a way that one comes through it unharmed or even better for the experience. Resilience means facing life’s difficulties with courage and patience – refusing to give up. It is the quality of character that allows a person or group of people rebound from misfortune, hardships and traumas.

They feel it is one of our human character strengths to be resilient. But my thinking is that when we engage our character strengths, we enjoy our lives more, and we thrive and flourish. So I think all the character strengths help us be resilient. See what you think.

The website itself is structured around the character strengths or virtues which are valued across cultures. (This is in line with the views of positive psychologists.) They group them in categories; for example cognitive strengths help us acquire and use information, or emotional strengths help us endure and master difficulties. They feel that interpersonal strengths create healthy community (which of course is true, and a healthy community is resilient). They feel centering strengths help us to resist excess and spiritual strengths provide meaning and transcendence. All of these help us flourish, it seems to me.

Here's their very long, wonderful list. As you scan these words, you may feel something inside tug to express itself. Go with it, get out your art journal, and play with these ideas. Feel yourself flourish, as you do! (See the image above.)

* Acceptance Detachment * Accuracy Precision * Action Engagement * Adaptability Flexibility * Aspiration Dreaming * Assertiveness * Balance * Boldness Daring * Caring Consideration * Caution Prudence Forethought * Cheerfulness * Citizenship Teamwork * Cleanliness Purity * Commitment Dedication * Common Sense * Compassion Empathy Sympathy * Competence Skill * Confidence * Contentment * Cooperation Collaboration * Courage Bravery Valor * Courtesy Politeness * Creating Beauty Aesthetics * Creativity Ingenuity * Curiosity Inquisitiveness * Decisiveness * Determination * Devotion Faithfulness Loyalty Fidelity * Diligence Thoroughness * Discernment * Endurance Stamina * Enthusiasm Passion Zest * Ethics * Excellence * Fairness Impartiality * Faith Hope * Focus * Forbearance Restraint Self-Control * Forgiveness * Friendliness * Generosity * Gentleness * Grace * Gratitude Appreciation Thankfulness * Growth * Harmony * Helpfulness * Honesty Truthfulness Candor * Honor Nobility * Humility Equality Modesty * Humor * Idealism * Independence Freedom * Industry * Initiative Leadership * Insight Understanding * Integrity Earnestness Sincerity * Intention Purposefulness * Joyfulness * Judgment * Justice * Kindness Humanity Nurturing * Knowledge * Love Charity * Mercy * Mindfulness Contemplation Awareness * Moderation Temperance * Objectivity * Openness * Optimism * Orderliness Organization * Patience * Peacemaking * Persistence Perseverance Steadfastness Tenacity * Playfulness * Pragmatism Realism * Rationality Logic *Reliability Dependability * Repentance Remorse Contrition Shame * Resilience * Respect * Responsibility Accountability Duty * Reverence * Sacrifice * Self-Discipline * Serenity Peacefulness * Service * Simplicity * Skepticism Doubt Critical Thinking * Stewardship Thrift * Strength * Tact Discretion * Tolerance * Trust * Trustworthiness * Truth-seeking Veracity * Unity * Universal Ethics Moral Core * Virtue Righteousness * Vision * Wisdom * Wonder Awe

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