Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspiration & Links

Collage by Lani

Whew, another one of those inspiration journeys in the virtual realm! This one started with Your Creative Spark, one of Jamie Ridler's blogs. (Her other one, equally worth an adventure is here but that's another story.) On Your Creative Spark, Jamie has "Your Creative Spark; Inspiring Interviews with 12 Highly Creative Bloggers" which is a nice package of interviews with some very creative people. Jamie asks them questions like:

How do you invite your creativity out to play?
What is your biggest challenge as a creative person - and how do you overcome it?
What advice do you have for people just starting to explore their creative dreams?

The twelve creatives answer these questions and more in audio files that are designed to coax your inner artist out to play! The reason I got lost on a virtual adventure was that all of these creative women share their insights on their blogs, which is of course, one of my favorite things.

In Life Unfolds, Jennifer Lee, coach and artist writes about her art experiences in a lively, image filled way. Lots of creative inspiration. She has a coaching website, Artizen Coaching, with resources and great ideas. Can you imagine creating a "Wish Box" or a "Blessings Box" or a "Dream Box"? MMMMmmmm, I can. She's also got something she calls "Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit" which I can't describe except that it's a kind of portable vision board. You just have to see it here!

Another one of the twelve is Christine Mason Miller. She's got a blog, book, inspiration, portfolio, and a shop on Etsy, all of which can be accessed from her website.

I certainly had fun and I'm only mentioning two, saving some of the best for you all to find! Have fun and be inspired!

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