Thursday, April 16, 2009

Secret Joy

Too much photoshop fun is to be had over at the CoffeeShop Blog!!! I've had a delightful time collecting beautiful actions, backgrounds, and textures. I've been reading tutorials and then best of all PLAYING!!! Rita, the owner of the CoffeeShop is a very happy stay-at-home Mom to two little boys (Duke is 4 and Imp is almost 2) in Texas. She is passionate about photography and photo-editing, and who can blame her (not me!).
She spends what ever free time she has late at night (after her boys have gone to bed) creating new actions/tutorials/textures/etc. for fun, and then she posts them on her blog for her readers. She decided to give her creations away, which of course means high quality actions, tutorials, and textures for downloading, free of charge. Of course if you love this free CoffeeShop you can make a donation to Rita with a handy little paypal link! Do visit her blog and keep her working those late nights with photoshop. There's also a CoffeeShop group over at Flickr to explore. OK, I'm off for another cup of coffee and a little photoshop action at the CoffeeShop. Hooray!

Collages by Lani, Textures and Actions by CoffeeShop.

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