Saturday, May 02, 2009

While waiting for the disintegration project to dry...

While waiting for the disintegration project to dry (see previous post) I started working on my Photoshop skills and actions. Have I mentioned lately, how much fun Photoshop is? Whew. Then onward to document the another trade for the 14 Secrets group. This one is "a message in a bottle" coming from the shores of Nova Scotia, traveling to Utah.

I imagined that the bottle would contain some sort of message relating to rescue of some kind, so I altered a "Rescue Remedy" bottle. Then I started looking for a suitable quote. The message popped up in my in-box in a daily message from Sark's Transformation eCourse, a message someone had found on the wall of a diner. This was perfect so into the bottle it went!

Good Morning
This is God
I will be handling all your problems today
I will not need your help
so have a good time
I love you

I wrapped it all up in a banana leaf, wanting to add to the "coming from distant shores" feeling to it, and sealed it up in a Numi Tea box which also had a "distant shores" feel to it.

I hope that the message in the bottle is the perfect message for my 14 Secrets buddy, Carol.

Here's another Photoshoped tintype!

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