Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Kerin, Seth, and Alicia,

Thank you Kerin, Seth, and Alicia!

Thank you so much for your kind comments on the previous post.
I'd rent an apartment in any of your blogs and groups!

Do you ever get memories popping up at the most unexpected times? Here's one that popped up recently. When I was in kindergarten we had "show and tell". I don't know if kids even do this any more but then we'd bring in some old treasure or collection or something we were proud of to show our class mates. I remember having a particularly treasured, beat up, distressed, old cigar box in which I had created little scrolls of old looking paper, photographs, marbles, and pipe cleaner dolls. I had aged the bits of paper by rolling them and rubbing them a lot with dirty hands. I was so excited to show my box and its contents that I gave no thought to how it would be received. Of course there were no other mixed media artists in my class so none of the other kids got it and what I really remember was the teacher REALLY not getting it. So I kind of let my love of creating old beat up stuff go dormant for a while (longer than I care to think). It's only since discovering other mixed media artists and lovers of old paper on the internet that I feel as though I've found my way home.

So thank you very much, Kerin, Seth, and Alicia, for being a part of this experience of "home"!!!


La Dolce Vita said...

oh Lani ...I have memories like your show and tell fiasco as well and maybe all artists have those kinds of memories where our audience just did not get it. oh well, we have all found our way home together and isn't it great to have so many friends that feel the same way??

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you for this kind comment, and yes, it is wonderful to have found my way home with so many wonderful folks!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, lani! you are amazing beyond words, love one! that is such a wonderful story and it reminds me of a very similar story i had about a book i had made, all tattered and dirty, that i wanted to share in art class. everyone just stared at me.

you are so very adored and appreciated now for your beat up and distressed wonderful things!


Lani Gerity said...

Thank you!

Seth said...

Lani: I am bowled over by your thoughtfulness and the sweet words you wrote in this post. I agree with you that being "understood and gotten" artistically is something special. So thank you too for that. Show & Tell has special meaning for me as well and so I think of this post as quite synchronistic!

Anonymous said...

no, thank YOU sweet one!!