Friday, June 12, 2009

Do you know Rima Staines?

In preparation for the 14 Secrets Wreck This Journal mail out, I'd wandered over to Keri Smith's blog for some last minute wrecking tips and followed a link to Rima Staines' blog, The Hermitage and from there I've been lost for days. Her blog is a delightful story filled exploration of the world from a wonderful looking caravan.

Oh to have a set of wheels like this!

Rima has a blog containing her BA thesis in Misrule, Mockery & Monstrosity in Marginal Medieval Art, a cool website about her clocks that makes the greatest ticking sounds (the website makes these sounds), wind chimes sounds and scratching sounds, partner Tui's website also makes the most intriguing sounds, and an Etsy store.

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