Monday, June 08, 2009

Games that Nurture Our Creative Souls

More TtV and Collage fun by Lani

One of the most fun things I did recently was play a game called "Princess" with family members which was OK for kids of 3-7. At first I thought I was just filling up a spot, and helping keep order among the 2 & 5 year old, and that a game for 3-7 year old's couldn't really engage me. Well I was wrong. The cool thing about this game (and this company) is that it's all about problem solving together, and there's something in the mythic story that unfolds that captures the imagination. Here's how it works, there's a castle in the middle of the board which gets transformed from a daytime image to a nighttime image as the players land on certain squares. The point of the game is to release the princess who lives at the center of this castle, from a magic spell before night completely covers the castle. There are certain challenges to get past in order to do this, and there are certain tools as well. The whole thing unfolds like a well crafted narrative. Wonderful!

So I ordered their catalog and couldn't believe the number of games they produce and the variety! If they even come close to "Princess" in delivery of fun, then I can see what Christmas will be looking like!

Here are the games that are particularly intriguing in the $10.00 (Canadian) range: Hugs and Tickles (about chasing away bad moods), Caves and Claws (about archeologists exploring caves), Secret Door (a mystery game), and Galaxy (cooperative card games with vintage style graphics). And then in the $22.50 - $24 range: Eagle Eye and Diplomatic Mission. These are both more complex than the $10 games but look extremely interesting. The website is a little awkward to navigate, but well worth the effort. Heck, just order the catalogs and have fun.


Erika C. said...

I just realized that I have been ordering from this company for years without making the connection! We love Caves and Claws and Secret Door is one of our favorites.

I think I will order the Hugs and TIckles one now.

There is another American company, that has a lot of great games too.

This is synchronicity. I just had the thought this weekend that it would be fun to design games like this.

Thanks again,


Erika C. said...

I just had to add one more comment. Speaking of games. There is an AMAZING game (it is the game that the angel cards come from) sold at the Inner Links company called The Transformation Game. It is designed for adults and was created at Findhorn, the intentional community in Scotland.

You start with a game intention and then are born, get a life and throughout the game move from the physical level to the emotional to the mental and finally spiritual, using service, angels, intuition and more.

I have played it multiple times with friends and family. Some of my friends still talk about the insights they got from the game many years ago that transformed their lives.

Lani-you have to look it up. You would love it.

(In Findhorn, they play a life-sized game once a year.)


Lani Gerity said...

Hi Erika,
I love life's little synchronicities!
And yes I have visited the transformational web site, and I own some of the components of a game but not the whole game. My intention was to create my own version somehow, but I haven't succeeded yet.
I like the little angel cards!

Susan Tuttle said...

thanks for the game tips -- always looking for summer activities with the kids.

cool TtV!


Lani Gerity said...

Thanks Susan. You won't be sorry with these games. AND I'll bet kids could do some awesome TtV photography!