Monday, June 22, 2009

A Heartening thought

Mound Bayou Remembered by Lani

Here's my new learnings from Marisa's (Creative Thursday) E-Course, "In the Fishbowl:: Life as an Artist". Have you ever felt your artist self slip away quietly in the night? And you awaken feeling lost and existentially adrift? Well Marisa has the perfect answer. Just answer the questions in the earlier post and you will find "well-being in a moment", you will be on your feet, in your own art, life, and world just like that.

Mound Bayou Remembered* (close up)
*The beautifully rusted crucifix is from Judy Wilkenfeld's Etsy shop, and what a lovely shop it is!


Leslie said...

Love this shrine! And Judy's shop is full of fun stuff, isn't it?

Laura said...

Hi Lani,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the words of encouragement. Nice to meet you via the fish bowl! :)