Saturday, June 20, 2009

Artist Dreaming...

"Dreaming of Travel" by Lani

I'm in Marisa's (Creative Thursday) E-Course, "In the Fishbowl:: Life as an Artist". The first class was this past Thursday and we got some questions to ponder. (One of my favorite things, pondering questions!!)

So here are two questions.
1. Why do you love what you create?
2. What are you working on when you get into the flow zone, when you lose track of time?

I love what I create because or when it mirrors something positive back to me, something which helps me understand myself and the world a little better and perhaps when there is a feeling of possibilities about it. It's pretty neat to create something and see it as really outside of myself, existing in real life, on its own, not just in my head, and I get a little rush of excitement, you know, like, "yes, I did this!" "Here is something that wasn't here moments ago, and if that is possible then just imagine what else might be possible." A wonderful feeling!

Something I also love about creating in general is how it leads me into a feeling of flow, of everything being right with the world. It is such a gift to be able to create and to be able to feel that feeling! This leads to Marisa's question "what are you working on when you lose track of time, or when you hit that flow zone?" At first I thought sort of concretely, what sort of art was I making and I made a little list: contour drawings, working with bees wax, creating a book... But then I thought it's most things art related. And then I noticed while walking my dogs this morning, looking for subject matter for my camera, that I was getting into that zone quite easily in the "treasure hunting" mode, in the looking for subjects, and it was there when I found my subjects, and then while continuing the walk and imagining how I might crop my subjects or play with them in photo shop... So really many things put me in that space, for which I am grateful!

And here are some examples:
Prospero, my very funny Bergamasco Buddy

The wild iris are blooming like mad on the headland.

And the tiny wild orchids are just beginning to pop up .

All of these put me in that timeless space. I love this time of year! And here's to a great class. Thanks Marisa and all my fellow goldfish!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Hi Lani! Thank you so much for your willingness to share here at your blog ~ it's so interesting that you mentioned getting lost in time in your "search" for inspiration and what to create ~ that happens to me too and I've never recognized that until now while reading your post. so happy to have you in the fish bowl ;)

Anonymous said...

hello fellow goldfish!
ooh how I love that feeling, too -- "yes, I did this! Here is something that wasn't here moments ago, and if that is possible then just imagine what else might be possible."
What an amazing statement, really. I think it often but haven't really been able to put it into words, so thank you! Love your photos, too!

shakti space designs said...

Hello Lani! I've been catching up over the weekend and making it a point to introduce myself to fellow fish. Really, really enjoying your blog; your writing style is fabulous, your art is lovely, and your photos are telling. I'm eying your Artists Healing Journal right now, but I'm a little tight on my budget... but it's been bookmarked.