Saturday, June 06, 2009

Links and Inspiration

"All Life Matters" Photoshop fun by Lani
Sometimes someone gives you a present and that present turns out to be a great way to pass on some wonderful links and inspiration! So here's the gift that Erika gave me:
The first inspiration comes from Erika's site, a link to "Inner Links" where you can pick a daily angel card or order a whole pack of angel cards. I own a pack so I picked a card and here's what popped up, which I then used in the image at the top:
Cultivate deep listening and act in ways that acknowledge and esteem yourself and others. Everyone and all life matters. Recognize, honor, elicit the best.

Erika also gave this KreativBlogger award to Judy Wise which is an excellent choice! Check out Judy's blog if you are interested in the overlap of art and life with a little encaustic art journaling thrown in (and if you like being here, you need to go there!) I ditto that award presentation!

Now for some of my own ferreting out creative blogs to award the KreativBlogger to:
Dr. Brene Brown's inspiring blog Ordinary Courage is all about living a rather extra-ordinary authentic and brave life, and knowing you are not alone in your being drawn to such a life. Very heartening blog!

For the doll artists/puppetmakers among us there's this delightful blog, Fractured Fairytales. She gets a KreativBlogger award from me.

And then there's another KreativBlogger award for Irma Gruenholz's beautiful clay and plasticine illustration blog, also great fun for doll artists/puppetmakers. Irma also has a flickr site. Lovely!
Irma's "Birds on the Head"

For the fontaholics amongst us there's Eduardo Recife's work and fonts & freebies. I am hoping to stumble on a blog one day... but I reckon he's a busy guy! For fontaholic mail artists there's this collection of dingbats. And this link for awesome free hand written fonts came from Deb Gilchrist whose Paper and Soul blog has wonderful treasures. I vote to give her blog a KreativBlogger award! (I love SteamPunk)

And of course there's Judy Wilkenfeld who always inspires me. What I didn't realize was that she has a blog devoted to her Visual Anthologies TM. Absolutely breathtaking!!! Let's give Judy a KreativeBlogger award!

And finally there's this great link for old photo collectors that came from Adela ! Thank you Adela! After poking around happily, I ended up at the Brooklyn Museum's photostream where I found this lovely and immediately started playing with it.

"Live the life you imagined" by Lani

And here's one last link for great inspiration!
CreativeTherapy! Wonderful creative catalysts for change through art! Awesome website!!!


paper-n-soul said...

Lani! Wow, thank you!! I'm flattered and moved you would choose my blog to receive this. Now comes the fun of deciding whom to pass it along to – I think that is the best part! That, and exploring the others you've awarded.

Love your new banner, btw. Gorgeous!

Such a nice way to start my day... thanks again... :)


Erika C. said...

Thanks Lani for all your wonderful ideas and links. I am inspired all over again. I look forward to exploring the websites and blogs that you mention.

The problem is where to start!


Seth said...

Congrats on your award. And thanks for all these great links. Love the new banner too!

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks Seth! I changed the banner in honor of the seasons changing and things turning more green here in Nova Scotia.

Judy said...

Hi Lani
Thanks for the huge honour, I very much appreciate it and in turn confratulate u on yours.

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Judy, my marvelous virtual mentor!!!