Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More inspiration - for journaling, bees wax, and books

Journal every day - collage by Lani
Wandered over to Seth Apter's blog. (Part of this eCourse I'm in has us identify our favorite blogs and what we like about them.) So I'm studying Seth's blog, his wonderful books, art and links and then I start clicking on the links. The result is I was lost for hours and I have collected lot's more inspiration. THAT's what I love about some blogs out there. Not only are they inspiring because of art and ideas but they also send you off on treasure hunts to find more wonders.

So my first stop was Contemplating the Moon; The Art Journal of Bridgette Guerzon Mills where I can feast my eyes on encuastics. Mmmmmm, I can almost smell the bees wax. She's also got a journal making business and a blog for that. You can find Seth's travel journal in the journal blog and it is inspiring. I've got to go make a journal right now. Well, in a minute. I should finish this first.

Back at Seth's site he's got a little button where you click to find a particular blog entry that has inspired him. He changes this, so you have to check the button on a regular basis. I clicked and ended up at Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails a wonderful book binder's blog! It's a treat for book binders and dog lovers and my favorite posting is here. I love art that is a gift for someone dear and I love art that is meaningful, probably because it is for someone special. Lovely post Leslie.

Finally here's a link via Seth for Altered Bits! WOW! This is an amazing place. The image above, which I love, was originally a tintype freebie download. There are great collage sheets, some which are digital. The quality is excellent. This spot deserves some concentrated exploration!
There are free eZines there along with other amazing treats. Go have a look and tell me if I'm wrong!


La Dolce Vita said...

your collage is fabulous!

Seth said...

Endless appreciation to you for your generous and thoughtful words about my blog. I am really humbled by the fact that you have chosen my blog as a favorite. Can you see me smiling over the internet?!? Thank you!