Sunday, June 07, 2009

More on CreativeTherapy

TtV photoshop collage by Lani

In my last post I mentioned, at the very bottom, the CreativeTherapy website. Here's a little story from Karen Grunberg about starting the CreativeTherapy blog/catalyst website. She had a certain rather negative idea about her childhood which came from a group of children who were excluding her from their play. She carried this negative belief around with her for years. Then one day she found a box of old photos, and there she was, a happy, laughing child with people around her, arms on her sholder, including her. She belonged, she was loved after all. So she took the photos and glued them into a book and journaled for 7 hours, straight. She felt energized and the experience was life-changing!
Karen decided to create a place where we can drop in and find creativity prompts which will do for us what her experience did for her. She doesn't call them challenges but rather catalysts, a delightful word which implies transformation.
She's got a whole crew of artists and guest artists helping her! What a marvelous treasure trove this is!

So here's a wee challenge/catalyst based on her story. Revisit your beliefs about your life or yourself and look for evidence of a kind which will loosen up and help you release unhelpful beliefs.

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