Sunday, July 05, 2009

Art as a Gift

Morning pages collage by Lani

Thinking some more about Erika's question (see comments on previous post) about making art as a gift for her father who may have early onset Alzheimer's, I revisited the sites I suggested Erika visit. Then I thought they deserved better links in a real post. While exploring these sites I also visited Kate diCamillo's journal where in April she made reference to visiting her mother in the hospital before she died. She wrote about needing to mark those special times when she felt her heart open or stop because the love and beauty was so intense. Kate uses words to mark these moments... very beautifully. And I think as visual artists, we can mark those moments with our artwork. And we probably even should do so if we can.

So here are the links for the gift that Leslie made for her mother, a beautiful memory book based on what she had learned from Judy Wilkenfeld. The beginnings are here, then there's more, and even more, and then finally the gift and her mother opens it. Beautiful and exactly one of those moments in life where you need a marker of some kind.

And here are Judy's links to Red Velvet and Visual Anthologies. Here you will find art as a gift and marker for a cultural history. This also needs to be marked. If you can take a class with her, do!

And finally, here's a link to Lynne Perrella's Altered Portraits, tributes to regal female fortitude and stature. I think we need that. We need to remember our fortitude and stature, maybe even mark it with the gift of art work.

So thank you Erika, for leaving your question on my blog. I've enjoyed the search for the answers very much. Now I'll go do some art work.


Anonymous said...

those are all just wonderful, fabulous links! i could spend the rest of my night looking at their sites. i love those three so much!

hope you've had a fabulous weekend!

Erika C. said...

Thank you, thank you. This is amazing stuff! I forgot to mention that I also took some old books from my dad's house. The house, the "Old Home" has been in the family for many generations, and there are many books and artifacts that go back to the early days. Looking at Judy's site and at the other sites gives me ideas on how I can integrate these books into what I make for my dad.

I can't wait to go back and study it more.


Lani Gerity said...

And if you don't want to use the ACTUAL books, good photocopies (I use the UPS store) collaged onto book boards can work as well. I wouldn't want to start a family feud over who did what to the family treasures. I know that not everyone "gets" altering old books, and who knows, your sib may be just one of those folks.

Debrina said...

Hello Lani - this is a very inspiring and touching posting. What a neat idea to do a journal for an alzheimer's sufferer! I love the other links too, thank you! Ummm...btw, I gave up scanning the puppet making book by about the 4th page when I thought -why don't I just post her a photocopy of the book? So, can you email me at my yahoo address (see my blog again) and throw your snail mail address at me?