Saturday, July 18, 2009

Links and Inspiration

Collage by Lani, background from an 18th century book of Herbal Remedies found on Lumilyon's blog.

Collected some lovely links from Seth's buried treasure and various wanderings. Do take a look at his links and if you would like to participate yourself, he's doing a "Digging Deeper", a sort of round two for those who want to continue and those who missed the first round!
One of my favorite treasures, and there were so many I only picked one, was Lumilyon. I love the mystery, photos of Lapland, story-telling, photoshop activity, and her links. Here's one of them for pages and pages of 18th Century herbal remedies from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow:

Of course old books of herbal remedies makes me think of Rima, my favorite medievalist, so I take a quick peek to see what's new over on the Hermitage. There I discover some beautiful videos created for Tui's second album, The One Two Bird and The Half Horse. Here's what David Sheppard says:
It distills sublime wood smoke folk atmosphere and pointillist digitalis to the subatomic level, until it becomes effectively the same stuff that makes brooks babble and winds whisper.
More of Tui's music is here. This video was made from little snippets of film of Rima's family and Rima when she was five. Tui took these and made them black and white and layered with old photographs, "exploiting" Rima's father's original wobbly video camera technique, creating a glimpsed evocation of childhood, half remembered, and half longed-for; The First Born Daughter of Water. Love it and the music!!!

Orla Wren - The First Born Daughter Of Water from Tui on Vimeo.

And here's what you can do (if you are Rima) with drawings and a camera and Tui's music of course!

Orla Wren - The Fish And The Doll from Tui on Vimeo.

Jamie Ridler's new website with blog, workshops, podcasts, and resources all wrapped up in one handy spot is a real delight. Here's a printable affirmation gift set, full of tremendous kindness just waiting for us to download. Thank you Jamie, Brandi and Rachelle!

Totally unrelated but fun, for the fontaholics amongst us, a list of 51 Hand Drawn Fonts. I might just create my own affirmations with some of these fun fonts.


Curio said...

The thing about visiting blogs posted on Seth's Buried Treasure list is that once there you cannot help but peruse the entire blog and therein lie so many treasures you become wrapped in the beautiful creativity of so many inspirational artist...not the least of which is you,Lani. Beautiful words, beautiful images and beautiful videos!

Lani Gerity said...

Why thank you Curio!

Seth said...

Wonderful links in this post Lani. I also am enthralled by the Herbal Remedies book on Lumilyon!

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Seth!

Lumilyon said...

Lani, I'm thrilled that you have mentioned my blog. thank you so much! Please drop by my blog when you have time because I've left an award there for you x