Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on Art and the Gift Culture

Morning pages collage by Lani
In hunting down our further expressions of Art and the Gift Culture, I've come across some wonderful examples. I've been on a virtual-meander through the art installations and theories of Luke Jerram on YouTube and on his own website.
Whether you take a virtual hot air balloon ride, at dawn, over Bristol, UK, or listen to Luke Jerram describing the experience with the appropriate music in the background, or perhaps participate in a sound/dream experiment you will find the effect is his work is quite beautiful.

I've looked at the generous art of Michelle Ward's friends who created an art journal for her after the death of her sister, on her website, Seth's blog, and flikr. And I revisited "Never Forgotten"the book of art created for JoAnnA Pierotti after her mother died suddenly.

And finally Keri Smith is coming out with a new book, the This Is Not A Book book. It quite a bit of on line preview, and it looks as though its going to have the marvelous potential for learning, creating, wrecking, and playing as well as interactive potential that Wreck This Journal had and continues to have for many of us. Can't wait!

It seems to me that when art is employed to bring people together, to simply play and enjoy each other's company, or when art is created to soothe someone's suffering, it's all a part of the "gift culture". And what is growing in my mind is the idea that the gift culture promotes our creativity, flexibility, and resilience.
Someone's party balloons floated ashore at Prospect, Nova Scotia.


dogfaeriex5 said...

lanski~you rock...xox.bff

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Kim!