Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do you know about the Mondo Beyondo Class?

Collage by Lani

Two of my favorite bloggers, Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen, are running an amazing online class about DREAMING BIG called Mondo Beyondo. It's a five week class all about helping us take our dreams from the realm of wishing into real life. Most excellent. It gets a lot of creative juices flowing.

So one of the assignments was to create a mondo beyondo list and then post it somewhere. OK. Here's my big dream list: 1. Feel, experience perfect freedom more often. 2. Take walks on my own more often. 3. Have my own thoughts more often. 4. Write and draw outside the lines more often. 5. Be here now more often. 6. Let go of resistance more often. 7. Walk out into this beautiful morning and know it is yours. 8.
Do not be concerned with bad moods of others. 9. Let others be who they are (esp. hubby, hee hee). 10. Feel a "who cares" attitude more often. 11. Create a beautiful zine about Being Here Now. 12. Don't worry about envy. 13. Be free of envy. 14. Ride the waves in life, don't fight them. 15. Talk to a surfer about their experiences. 16. Create a Mondo Beyondo life and remember the love and freedom that you already are!

It seems to me that this list is all about freedom! I am fascinated by the flow state and the sense of freedom that comes with that feeling. So I will take Sabrina Ward Harrison's advice and make what I most need to find. I will work on art and art directives that are related to this mondo beyondo list!

Have you ever noticed the huge byproduct of researching or putting your attention on a particular feeling? You begin to feel that thing more often. In my experience it begins to grow exponentially. When I worked on The Artist's Healing Journey, I began to feel stronger, more whole because I was researching and using art to create wholeness. When I worked on the Artist's Happiness Challenge, I began to feel happier. I was researching, observing and thinking about happiness. And when I worked on Resilience, Art, and Transformation, again, I began to feel more resilient! Well then, I will begin to work on freedom today!

Thank you Jen, Andrea, and Sabrina!

Do you want to read another perspective on Mondo Beyondo? Try Kelly Rae Roberts' response to this wonderful class! You will find it on her blog.

Also as a post script, if you ever thought of creating a great get away, retreat for your friends, then check her post "If your soul is calling, listen." And dream big!

"Create Freedom" collage by Lani


Bea said...

Wonderful blog and thank you so much for sharing that very personal list with us. Food for thought.

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, you are welcome Bea!