Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Links, Inspiration, and Wishes

"What door opens" collage by Lani
Jamie Ridler's whishcasting question this week is "What door do you wish to open?"
The answer to this question would change depending how I was feeling, or depending what was going on in my life, but today I would wish to remember to always look for the opening door whenever a door closes in my life. Thank you Jamie for asking.

Since I'm in the wishing mood, I wish that my friend Carol would have an easier time of it in her life right now. These images are for her since she is going through a rough patch. She's dreaming of the day she can eat mango and papaya and I suggested she could add Longan or Dragon Eyes to her fruit salad. I got some to photograph for Carol. These are a wonderful fruit from my childhood home in Taiwan. Wikipedia says that according to Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine, eating dragon eyes can create relaxation. I'm sure it's true. It sure works for me! The other two fruits also have amazing health related properties according to Wikipedia. Plus they taste great!
Now for some links:

Do you know about Binaural Beats? Pretty cool sound technology using headphones and stereo sound, with separate beats played in each ear. The blending of the beats encourages a change in brain waves, inducing some serious relaxation. Here's a great offer that came through the email for a guided meditation using binaural beats. It'll only be there for a few days and then I'll delete this part of the blog entry. You can check Holosync, Binaural Beats, and Brain Sync, (to name a few) for more on this technology.

More art journaling ideas can be found on Orly Avineri's Blog! Oh my! (I found her in the most recent Artful Blogging which is full of good stuff. I also found Izabella's Blue there and that's worth a trip. Don't blame me if you all get lost for a little while on both these lovely blogs! And if you haven't visited JoAnnA's Art Journal lately, do go take a look. Really lovely!

And for a magazine that looks like an amazing art journal, check out "Underground Art School"! Just got two issues and I'm delighted! Even the name is intriguing isn't it? Would you like to be a graduate of UAS?

And there are new courses starting in September right here, most convenient, on the internet! To read more about the courses feel free to check my website here and if they appeal to you and you are a blog reader you get this discount!

And finally, I was over on Gretchen Miller's blog, Creativity in Motion, and saw her lovely "Be True To Who You Are" an image created with Polyvore. I headed over to Polyvore and made one of my own fun little reminders of what is important in life (to me).


Ellecubed said...

As Lani wishes, so to do I.

Beverley Baird said...

As Lani wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.
Thanks for all the great information.

Giulietta said...

Hi Lani,

Neat artwork here! That collage is amazing, all misty and limbo-like. Will check out your workshops.

I wish that your wish to look for the door opening when another closes comes true. Maybe we can only have so many doors open at one time so we can go through the ones we were meant to go through?

Thx for underground art link. Looks good.

Giulietta the Muse (and artist)

Deldino said...

As Lani wishes for herself and her friend, so I wish for them.
Blessings to you.

Librarian Lee said...

As Lani wishes for herself, so do I also wish for her. Beautiful art!

Girlie-Queue said...

As Lani wishes for herself, so too do I wish for Lani.

Christina said...

I love it here! It's beautiful, full of vivid light and energy.
I love the question- I will have to think about it. : )

Seth said...

Fantastic collage and a great answer to the question. Thanks for all the links too!