Friday, August 21, 2009

Some amazing book arts links!

Morning pages collage
Want some major book arts fun and inspiration all for free!??! Go immediately to Teesha Moore's website and check out the Art Journal Fest. It won't cost you a thing to look and you will find amazing ideas, book structures, and wonderful artists!
So here are my favorites:
Traci Bunker's Prepared Journal where you learn to create and art journal or an artist's book from a regular print book. Traci uses "glue books" as her jumping off point.
Ingrid Dijikers's Over the Edge encourages us to use shaped pages in our art journals.
Daniel Elessig's Exquisite Corpse Mica Book which uses the surrealists' playful ideas in a book structure with mica!
From this Art Journal Fest website you can wander off to all your favorite teacher's own websites which of course is very inspiring.
Have fun!
Also check out the travel journal here! It is gorgeous!

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barbarasaintjacques said...

What wonderful works of art and plethora of ideas! Thanks Lani for sharing your cyber searches and adventures.