Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonderful workshops in Ohio!

I'm back from the latest road trip. This one was to Ohio where I met up with my co-presenter and best buddy, Susan Anand. The BATA Symposium was a treat! Susan and I got to play and share what we think is a fun, non intrusive, culturally sensitive methodology AND we got to visit with Kim and Julie and all those lovely dogs. 7 indoor dogs! 2 of them are Great Danes and one is a Saint Bernard. These are big dogs! (Really!!!!!)

One of the things we were talking about was how easy it is to create a somewhat animated video for YouTube, so the fairy tale above is just such an example. Not perfect, not polished, but lots of fun. Paper puppets, Photoshop, and iMovie were all that I used. I'm going to try a simpler one on Slide.

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janmak said...

Lani, that is so cool. I just love your puppets! I am making my own wise women as I gave away the last one and I miss her. :-)
Cheers Janet