Sunday, November 29, 2009

More on Abundance

Collage by Lani

Still thinking about Dr. Dirt and this idea of abundance (see previous post). At first sight this little town of Edwards is not a place you to which you would associate the word abundance. But if I've learned anything in this funny old life, it's that assumptions serve no one and if you dig below the surface of where ever you may be, there's treasure right here, right now! Abundance is here and in Dr. Dirt's garden. He had traveled far from his home and then returned to care for his ailing mother Millie and began to care for the acre of land that was attached to his home. And in the caring for the land and all that grew there, he found abundant treasure.

Maira Kalman tells a similar story in her most recent "And the Pursuit of Happiness" column in the New York Times. She wrote, drew, and photographed a lovely essay about abundance, Alice Waters, the Edible Schoolyard program, and other particularly culinary delights in her colorful, animated way. She describes school children caring for the crops in their school yard, harvesting, cooking, and eating together while sharing philosophical ideas with each other. Read Maria's column but don't stop there! Visit the on-line Edible Schoolyard, see how an abandoned school yard was turned into a very rich source of edible treasure! If you live in Nova Scotia you can see what the province is working on here. And here's a lovely website, a Canadian resource page full of school gardens and useful links.

Finally there's an abundance of art related links over on Seth Apter's blog, the Altered Page! Oh, my word, I hope you have some free time, because he's got the links for every kind of art inspiration that you can imagine. Sundays are now Secret Sundays and don't forget to check the previous Sunday here. He's got an inspiration button on the right hand column of his blog which will take you to Robyn Gordon's blog, Art Propelled, and specifically to the posting Tied Up with String. Whew, it took my breath away! Such abundance and treasure and inspiration! And since we started this with a garden I had to take a peek at the Art Propelled link to the gardens of Saint Verde, both the inspiring film and theses gorgeous images. About the images, Neville Trickett says:
Look to the natural world for inspiration. But look closely. Individual composition that takes away all the preconceptions of what is right or wrong has its roots in ethnicity. Welcome to Africa my friends.
Isn't that perfect? Look closely at the natural world and release all those completely useless preconceptions... Quite an abundance of things to think about here!

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