Saturday, November 28, 2009

On the road trip to Dallas and what I learned...

Abundant light in Mississippi

The adventure began with a search for a response to Diane's response "light" to Chrysti and Susan's {Echo} prompt Abundance. What a lovely way to begin a new adventure, looking for the perfect expression of abundant light. And then once that was found to continue to look for expressions of abundance.

As Susan Anand and I headed to Dallas for the 40th annual conference of the American Art Therapy Association we found Leon Goldsberry, better known as Dr. Dirt, of Edwards, Mississippi, a delightful gardener/artist with abundant plants, humor, history, plant lore, and kindness. Pictures of his garden can be viewed here and here. Steve Bender had this to say about Dr. Dirt in Southern Living:

Doctor Dirt's influence is literally growing. Seeds and plants shared from his garden are popping up all over town. Folks in Edwards are rediscovering the joys of a garden, which, to Leon's way of thinking, is a journey home.

"In the beginning, God put us in a garden," he observes. "That is where we all come from."

I loved this little side trip in Edwards. You can read more about Dr. Dirt on his website but better yet, if you are in Mississippi, do visit Millie's Gardens and Leon Goldsberry. I intend to go back one day!

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diane said...

I think I would like visiting him very much Lani!