Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puppet & Story-making Workshops...

Photo of Glenda "the very good!" by Susan Anand

For those of you attending puppet and story-making workshops with Susan Anand and myself, there are some useful links here. For an interesting collection simple book structures to use with puppet making, you can see Susan Gaylord's work on her blog and also her "Lulu Storefront". She's also got a wonderful instructional video on how to make a Word A Day Journal (among other videos) here.

And if you are interested in a delightful series of simple animation and puppetry techniques then check the 14 Secrets Blog! Very cool stuff here! For free 'zines and downloads see this page of my website. Any questions, you can contact me any time at lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com!

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Bea said...

Love puppets, art dolls, anything that can be used to tell a story. :)Bea