Sunday, November 01, 2009

Simple Book Structure Instruction and Inspiration

Collage by Lani

I got an email question this past week about making simple book structures for art therapists and art educators, so here's my list of favorite instructional videos and inspiring artists.

Top of my list is Teesha Moore who even runs an Art Journaling Retreat out on the left coast. (Wow, would I ever love to attend!) Her blog will be featuring more videos now, because she's purchased a video camera! I can't wait.

I've also uploaded the entire series onto the 14 Secrets Blog so head on over there if you would like to see them in order.

Here's Samantha Kira's Easy-Peasy Journal part one and two. These are really easy to follow instructions. Very nice, simple and cheap. I followed these directions with dollar store items (Under $5).

And here's Rice Freeman-Zachery's easy Kinko solution to creating an art journal. She's a little manic here, but her ideas are great.

And here's Suzi Blu altering a child's board book.

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