Sunday, December 06, 2009

Photoshop surprise and fun!

Diane Cook has posted our collaboration for the Echo prompt "Surprise" from Chrysti and Susan. Diane's shot was taken of a South Texas wildflower, with an added layer of burned texture from les brumes. My image is on the left. It's a combination of two images, one of a puppet-making workshop participant and the other was an attempt to create an interesting layer for texture by shooting towards the light through an antique bottle (which I really like doing!).

"My puppet can sing!"

For major photoshop layers and textures fun, Adela sent me these links! Great stuff here, lots to learn!

I've also been enjoying Get Totally Rad's website (although they are pricey, just visting will give you ideas!) and Oscraps Altered Art/Collage items in their shop for digital scrapbookers. You can find some interesting textures, overlays, and actions from digital scrapbooking websites for a lot less money than from photographers. Have fun and let me know what you find!


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Patti said...

You, madam, are the photomeister. I haven't attempted any collage yet just digital alteration of a photo. I'm afraid if I get into (trying to:) create art I'll never surface!
Can't believe the bottle idea and how ethereal, magical and delicious it is!