Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Echo} Face

{Echo} Face

The next {echo} is ready! Diane Cook and I have been working on our sixth bi-weekly prompt with Susan and Chrysti -- this week the {echo} prompt is face. So this is Diane's sweet grandson and my contribution was these little daffodils' earnest, hopeful faces. Edward had a pot of them growing in the bathroom between the shower curtain and south facing window, so they were growing very nicely and I hadn't noticed them until he brought them downstairs. What a sweet, welcome surprise in cold, icy, snowy January! Thank you Edward!

Now here are a couple of interesting links. On Chrysti's blog I discovered the $2 Portrait Project. What an amazing idea and what a great way to document real life! Take some time with the flickr pool, it's really beautiful, heart breaking, and very moving. And from the Vision and Verb women, I discovered this photoblogging website, ShutterChance, where you can post photos in a very beautiful way. What if you combined $2 portraits with a simple photoblogging website. Wow! You can see Eliza Deacon's work here.

Edward's Daffodils

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