Sunday, January 24, 2010

It was a time of hope and innocence...

Photo by, of, and for "women of a certain age"

Here's a lovely idea, a celebration of, by, and for women of a certain age. These women have set up a group photography blog that feels like coming home, so friendly and familiar. Take a look at their blog, Vision and Verb, or the Shutter Sisters blog entry that they created. Here's taste:
It was a time of hope and innocence. A time when the cries of love and peace rang louder than the thunder of distant war. We wore bell-bottom jeans and mini-skirts and long strings of beads. We rocked to the music of The Beatles, the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones and rapped to the rhythm of the Motown beat. We ate cheeseburgers and fries and malt shakes. For under $1.00 we got to experience Mary Poppins in the big screen theater. We were Sesame Street’s first audience, and loved Mr. Rogers. We adored the Brady Bunch and dreamed of being as strong and independent as Mary Tyler Moore. We played hopscotch and four-square and ran free as can be. When the first giant step for mankind was taken on the moon, we cheered. We cried when John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated. We were champions of equal rights. We were daughters of the feminist and sexual revolution. We believed that we could pursue our dreams and become whoever we wished and hoped to be.
Yes, ma'am! It makes you proud to stand up and be counted as a women of a certain age. We did a lot, and went through a lot. And we are not done yet!

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the glitzy gypsy said...

Thanks for this Lani--I loved the trip down memory lane!