Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More links, inspiration, & ideas on art journaling!

Collage by Lani with elements from PaperWhimsy and Lorie Davison.

From Diane Cook 's message on the art jounaling post I went on a little tour, was lost for hours actually and it was all good, all very exciting, full of good things to look at and think about.
First of all, Diane mentioned journaling with L. K. Ludwig so I went over to her website, where I discovered that she has all kinds of on line classes, one on journal making, one with a month of prompts, and so many more. Head on over there and read the course descriptions on the right hand side of the blog. Scroll down a little and click on ones that look interesting and it will take you to a new page devoted to each class. They all look just wonderful!

Then Diane mentioned journaling with Stephanie Lee. Now that one had me stumped because I know Stephanie Lee as a jewelry maker. But there's more to her than just jewelry! So one of the things I found was someone else's blog, writing about a class they had taken with Stephanie Lee and she features the gorgeous journal that was the result of this class. Curious? Check out "Appears no different from a galloping horse" the blogspot of Keli Hansen and specifically the blog posting on JournalFest. Is that not the most gorgeous book you have ever seen? Whew. Is that all solder or what? And then I poked around on Stephanie's blog and discovered various images of books and finally her Etsy shop with books. They are beautiful! And then there's her on-line journaling course. MMMmmmm, temptations all around!

And finally Diane mentioned How to Make a Journal of Your Life by Dan Price, a totally radical, amazing, wonderful, hobo-artist guy! Diane says this book will change your life! It's all about living in this moment and how amazing it is what a little focused attention will do for us! Thank you so much for this little tour, Diane, I really loved it!

Now for further inspiration, I've put together an eZine on art journaling which is mostly images (20 pages) which you can print out and use in your own journals. I've also retired two of my online courses which are soon to be available in one single eZine and which can easily be used as journal prompts. They will both be up on my website almost immediately!

Collage by Lani with collage element from Teesha Moore.

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Thanks for these links. And your eZine looks very cool.