Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is your refuge? Next round of "Resilience, Transformation, and Art"...

L'Important est Invisible by Lani, texture by Playingwithbrushes

Do you know Mary Jaksch's blog "Goodlife Zen"? She's got a lot of wonderful ideas and questions over there. This post is all about refuge, where we find shelter and feel deeply refreshed. Mary points out it may not be a place, it could be an activity, or a person, or an idea that gives us a sense of refuge. So what is your refuge? She has 7 questions to help you find your own refuge.
  1. What gives you the most joy?
  2. Where do you feel most at ease?
  3. Who is the person you feel most comfortable with?
  4. What makes you feel most peaceful?
  5. What makes you feel most connected?
  6. What makes you feel most creative?
  7. What gives you the most courage?

Having just come back from NYC where I did some Art & Resilience type workshops, I realized that where you create/find/rediscover your refuge, you also create/find/rediscover your resilience. I like this. And when I think of refuge, I somehow always think of art retreats and workshops, like ArtFest where you discover you and your art making can be your own best refuge and retreat.

Which reminds me, the next round of "Resilience, Transformation, and Art" starts on Monday! Yay, can't wait. It's full of self care strategies and resilience-art prompts for your art work and your art journals. Come create in a kind and strengthening environment and create/find/rediscover your own refuge and resilience. Follow the above link and scroll down a bit for the course information.

Altered book spread by Lani

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