Saturday, February 06, 2010

Digital Play

This image of vintage kids is from Art-e-ology on flickr. There is a set called Free Image Tuesday which she posts on her blog. I was looking through this set when this particular postcard jumped out at me. It was a sad little birthday party at an orphans' home and I thought why not make it a bit more fun with a mouse, warm fire, and party things from Laurie Davison. (Art-e-ology has some wonderful digital downloads on her Etsy shop! I'm hoping she considers posting more of these on Etsy.)

Want a few more digital play links? Playingwithbrushes has some wonderful images and textures she shares as does Nesster and les brumes (textures).

Now I'm off to work on the latest {echo} prompt "whisper".

And Resilience, Transformation, and Art starts Monday!


Jamie said...

Oh Lani!!!! I wish that had been their birthday party!! Such sweet little moppets with nothing but bowls of ? I don't even know what that is. I hope it was sweet. This photo has always tugged on my heart strings so much. Thank you, thank you for giving them the celebration they deserved. Love, Jamie

Bill said...

My dear friend Lani, I must beg you to quit leading me into temptation. I recently purchased a full kit by Laurie Davison about crows. It is so wonderful! Now you tell me she has one about mice. You know I love mice. My hero is a mouse! How am I going to resist buying this one? I'm afraid if I buy another digital kit my wife will kick me clear to Nova Scotia. (Oh my. I'm not even sure how to spell Nova Scotia.) I guess time will tell how this latest intrigue turns out.

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, yes, sorry about that, Bill. But Laurie's imagery is SO beautiful!