Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unlock your dream...

"Unlock your dream" collage by Lani
More playing in Photoshop with elements from Lisa's Altered Art, text (unlock your dream) from Stacy de La Rosa of BellaWish and some freebies from's really awesome zine, Altered Hearts.

Did you ever do "morning pages" as described by Julia Cameron? She suggested 3 pages of hand written journaling every morning before the inner critic wakes up. (There are some great little teaching videos for you over on her website). I used to do "morning pages" in the way she describes, every morning, for years. Then I discovered art journaling so I began to include images, little drawings. Now I collage every morning and have more or less discarded the words...until this morning, that is. Huyen MacMichael over at 14 Secrets gave us a great link to a website called 750 Words, which was created as a way to do morning pages on line, no paper, no dead trees. This site has all sorts of neat gadgets to count your words (750 being the estimated number to give you 3 pages), remind you to write, protect your password, give you stats on your writing, etc . Got questions? Here's the FAQ link. Anyway I had finished my morning collage and was getting to my email when I found Huyen's link. I went right over there, since my inner critic was still asleep, and got to work, did my 750 words. It was great. The feeling was exactly like my morning pages, a bit random and scattered but good things popped up and 750 Words was there to catch it all. While typing in this random, scattered manner, I remembered something Rick Hanson said in a lecture about how when we meditate or are mindful, tuning-in particularly to bodily sensations, that this actually increases the thickness of the part of the brain that is empathic, the insula. So as I remembered that, I started to tune in to various bodily sensations, letting my typing be the reflecting mirror. Well, as I neared 725 I started to feel slightly euphoric. And at 75o I was actually in what could only be described as a state of happiness. It was as if I'd found my way home after having been away for a long time. Just lovely. And I'm sure that little empathy corner of my brain got a little thicker. Thank you Huyen.


Erika C. said...

Wow, Lani, that's a coincidence. I also did the morning pages for years. I have boxes of yellow legal pads to show for it. Just recently I found her book again and have started to look through it again.

But I do want to integrate art into my daily journaling.
Still haven't quite figured that out.

I will look up that site. Thanks.


Glenda said...

good day Lani, your blog entries end up being part of my morning page [[reading]] that is. I wanted you to know that I am so inspired by the beauty you put 'out there'.
In all of the delicious classes you have offered, have you ever considered a digital art/Photo Shop 101? I would sign up in a nano second!! XoXo

Lani Gerity said...

There's an idea!
I'll do it!

Huyen said...

You're welcome! And Thanks for the lovely blog entry- I want to try to incorporate art journaling in my routine and I'll have to pay attention to my bodily sensations as I write my 750. You are a font of wonderfully inspiring info, as always! *Huyen

Clarissa said...

Wow your writing and your blog is beautiful... thank you for sharing with the world.. I really appreciated your story about morning pages... will definately be back to visit.. Clarissa

iHanna said...

What a lovely description of the creative process- thanks for sharing your writing happiness!