Friday, April 16, 2010

The Fotoshop Fun Course for the non-linear learner

A current favorite photoshop collage by Lani.

The trial eCourse for playing with photo manipulation programs is going along well (which I call Fotoshop Fun so as to avoid any copyright issues).  Along with various Photoshop programs, some participants are working with the share-ware (free) program gimp with great success.   I believe the course will be ready for actual participants at the end of May, at which time any kinks will be worked out.

Just a word of warning, though, my approach may be a bit non-linear.  I don't learn in a linear way, I love experimentation and play, so that is also the way I love to teach.  I have found plenty of good, solid, linear type tutorials to which I'll link you to, if the need arises.  One thing I have noticed in my exploration of various photo manipulation techniques is that if I find images I really like, the learning is much easier for me.  So that is the key to this course.  We will be using the images we love.  My intention with this course is that we get inspired by these images and that our inspiration will lead us to learn more about our various programs with greater ease.  So far, so good.

As part of the course we have a blog, a yahoo group which allows us to discuss our struggles and triumphs in real time, and we also have a flickr group where we can share images easily.  Hope to see you in the course really soon.  If you are interested there's a TOP SECRET discount button for blog readers over on the column to the right.  (The new Resilience Art class will be starting at the same time, so you can sign up for two for the price of one or just one for half price!)

A picture made with photoshop brushes.


Meri said...

Hey Lani - just a heads up. I tried doing the blogspot discount and after selecting the credit card on paypal, etc. I got a message that the transaction couldn't be completed. I don't know if it was a fluke, but thought you might want to know. The error message told me to check my email in 30 minutes or so to see if there was a receipt before trying to complete the transaction again.

Glenda said...

So delighted the trial run is going well - I just purchased the fotoshop class - I have beloved snapshots ready to go- SO- now all I need to do is gently wait for the playshop!
thanks, Lani!