Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning through self-discovery

Carl Roger's said "I  have come to feel that the only learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered, self-approprated learning."  I like that. Vernacular, self-taught learning!  And it makes so much sense.  I was over on Keri Smith's marvelous blog where I found reference to Walking on Water, a great book by Derrick Jenson.  The Carl Roger's quote was in this book.   And then of course there's this inspiring quote from Derrick Jenson himself.

"...the most revolutionary thing anyone can do is follow one's heart. I would add that once you've begun to do that–to follow your own heart–the most moral and revolutionary thing you can do is help others find their hearts, to find themselves. It's much easier than it seems...
There is much word to be done. What are you waiting for? It's time to begin."

So then I start to feel this motivation and energy rising up, like someone inside is saying "yes, of course, it's time to begin" and then I read a little further and Keri has written out The Rebel's Manifesto!  I believe Keri is one of the most brilliant women I know.  She says if this strikes a cord with you, copy it and use it freely and as much as possible.  Brilliant and very generous!

Thank you Keri.  I'm ready to get to work and learn as much as possible in a most vernacular, self-taught way and to continue following my heart. 

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