Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you have something that preoccupies you?

Collage by Lani with postcards from the Museum of Anthropology, UBC.

Today's question for my little adventure in Post Graduate Studies is borrowed from Trish Papadakos:

Are you occupied, or do you have something that preoccupies you?

In my experience we tend to get a little stuck when we get preoccupied with something.  It's usually something that crops up in the dualistic way of thinking; this is good, that is bad or I am right, they are wrong or some variation of that.  Of course it's an odd way of thinking since there are so many human points of view, how could any one single point of view be the one right point of view? 

So my collage was a way to create a more holistic view, in which there is black and white and many other colors and tones as well.  That was most enjoyable.  I think any time that I feel preoccupied by something I will try creating something which blends dualities and encourage holistic thinking.  (There's a great blog post here on creativity and holistic thinking, by Barbara Martin, whose blog is called "Reptitude when being creative feels like herding infernal cats"!)

And as a part of this Post Graduate Studies program, I'm thinking that Juliana Coles has a very interesting Extreme Journalism pamphlet on exploring the inner Yin and Yang through art journaling.  Seems like a great idea.  Come to think of it Juliana Coles has a whole lot of great ideas of folks wanting to create a Post Graduate Program of Inner Studies.

Here's the challenge:
Create an image starting with your favorite duality and ending up with a holistic expression.

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