Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Evolution of an image

Have you ever wondered about the evolution of an image?  I always start with images that I've collected and love, but that usually comes from curiosity about various artists and their blogs, or flickr photostreams.  And there's usually an element of a puzzle about how to combine these ideas.  Sometimes that might come from a challenge, sometimes I may just try putting things together in a new way.

That's the amazing thing about the internet, today I can be stimulated by richness of image and idea from all around the world.  And it feels like a richness of image and idea from the grass roots, word of mouth, rather than from some expert in a the field saying you need to see this or that.  Very exciting and lively and very enjoyable.  So I was wanting to see what my virtual friend Lumilyon's was up to.  It seems that since she's added the iPhone to her bag of tools, she's become amazing, no she's become more amazing, with  REALLY lovely results.  (And of course how I ever found Lumilyon's website was by word of mouth.)

So I popped over to her flickr photostream , was overwhelmed and very curious how she created various images, and I discovered she had several textures for layers up for us to play with, so I thought I try one.  Then I headed over to the Man Ray challenge, and fell in love with the little gate house.  I new I wanted to combine it with some mysterious, philosophical text and image of a granny who looked like she was waiting for something (from Art Creations Friday).  I thought why not put them all together with a little Lumilyon magic!People often wait at a gate house, don't they?

Here's the philosophical bit: the guards wait for something to happen, so they can guard what needs guarding and people often wait at the gate house to be let in.  But do they all really need to wait for things?  Maybe it's not necessary!  Maybe they can create exactly what they are waiting for!  Maybe they can realize they are exactly what they are waiting for.  I will not be waiting any more.

Here's a challenge for you: find out how your imagery evolves and do more to encourage more evolution!

And here's the announcement bit: Come join me in the Fotoshop Fun course starting May 31.  You will have a community of artists, the benefit of a coach available nearly 24/7, 4 weeks of prompts and 4 extra weeks to play, 8 lessons suitable for various photo manipulation programs, as well as the totally free GIMP program.  So you don't need the most expensive, most current photo manipulation program, GIMP is just fine.  (Check the paypal box to the right for a serious discount.)

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