Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finding questions...

"I woke up this morning feeling a little like a round peg in a square-holed world."  Collage by Lani, textures from Pareeerica and FlyPaper

While studying Trish Papadakos's Blog for interesting links to help me create my own little Post Graduate Studies program, I came across the link for a test to determine what sort of philosophical school of thought best suits me.  This test is created by Mark Vernon, from The School of Life.  He describes the ancient Greek's approach to philosophy as being about living.  The aim of philosophy was to figure out how to live well, not just to think clearly.  You would find yourself a good teacher and learn how to flourish!  Excellent idea, no?  Want to take the test?  The results of the test are that Aristotle should be my philosophy tutor.  Hmmmm.  But then I watched more of his tiny clips about a few other ancient Greek philosophers and I'm not sure, I think maybe a whole little school of philosophy teachers might be the thing.

Want to answer some more questions?  Trish Papadakos also has a list of questions for you to get you thinking about how to make your career and life more in sync and inspiring, questions like "What do I value most in my career?" and answers like stability or freedom or growth.  You can find Trish's questions here.

I'm beginning to get it, that I need to ask myself more questions, while I do my morning pages and daily art, in that early morning, self-reflective time before the inner critic wakes up.  I suspect asking questions may be key to learning and learning may be key to a happy life, and having a happy life is key to flourishing.   Here's my challenge for today: find questions, lots of questions.

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