Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How can I live a life filled with creative expression?

Collage by Lani for 14 Secrets Swap about honoring our grandmothers

This morning I was furthering my "Postgraduate Studies" program, looking at Trish Papadakos's MA thesis question, the question that her thesis answers: "How can people strategically approach their work-life choices so that they can lead the life they want?"  Well, I'm working on simplifying what I propose to study in this "Postgraduate Studies" program so I thought "How can I have a life filled with creative expression?" might do the trick.  It feels very immediate.  A "what can I do right now" kind of question.  I wondered what sorts of things encourage a life filled with creative expression and what sorts of things tie us up and keep us from being creative.   I took a peak at an interview with Eric Maisel about his book Ten Zen Seconds.
When you free neurons from their usual grip on small thoughts — ten worries, fifteen errands, and so on...— when you get your whole brain back (technically, when you release the grip of small neuronal gestalts in the service of one large neuronal gestalt), you experience a “pregnant emptiness” which feels like “no mind” or “empty mind” (but which is actually your whole mind, now recovered, readying itself to create).

In the next instant your painting will arrive. You are reducing mental clutter for the sake of allowing an opening to occur through which your ideas and images can arrive: in this way, the “quieting” serves the “exploding” of the creative encounter that follows.
I like this clearing away of inner clutter and allowing the creative ideas to emerge, and it's certainly been my experience on the meditation cushion that when their is stillness the most amazing images and ideas will arise.  Being in the flow state is very much separate from those to-do lists.  This is the exciting thing because it's all about something which is within our own grasp.  And it's all about right now!  What can I do in this moment to live a good, creative life?  It seems as though there are always choices in this moment which can lead to greater creativity and joy.  Very exciting.

Challenge: What do you chose to do today, in this moment, to live a life filled with creative expression?

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curiouscrow said...

What I do, what I have always done, is to feed myself with good quality 'food': visit exhibitions of good art work (I'm a visual artist), visit museums, keep my eyes and ears open to the world around me, read good books - fiction and not fiction, and just simply allow my mind to get on with it. The only thing I do to ensure my mind does get on with 'it' is to draw and or paint every day without fail. In my experience it's the doing which allows the ideas to flow - the showing up even if you don't feel like it at first.