Sunday, May 16, 2010

I belong to a capable, corageous tribe!

Collage by Lani and texture layer by SkeletalMess.

My mind has troubles with affirmations. They always sound a little false, bravely asserting something I might not believe whole-heartedly.  It often sounds a little like brainwashing, adding layers of veneer which will peal off at the first sign of bad weather.  But if I ask questions of my mind in a way that my mind will answer them with a resounding yes and of course, then instead of that nasty, critical feeling,  I get a very energized happy feeling.  Here are a few questions created from affirmations that I borrowed from Eric Maisel's book Coaching the Artist Within:

Am I not just fine as I am? Of course, I am fine just as I am!

Can I create something from nothing? Yes, I see evidence all around me, so I know I can. Can I do it now? Yes, of course!

Can I trust my resources? Again, I look around, and the answer it yes! Of course!

Can I can handle this? Yes, absolutely!

What would be a first step for today?  I can't wait to find out!

Am I am capable and courageous? Again, the evidence is all around me, my life history, my family history, the human history, life on earth would all indicate I belong to a capable and courageous tribe.

Do I have everything I need? Yes, of course. I have materials, ideas, and a world of inspiration.

Am I ready? Yes, indeed.

Try turning a few affirmations into questions and see what happens.

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