Monday, May 17, 2010

Inventing the future...

Collage by Lani, texture layer from DozyStock

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Kay 
 More adventures in my Postgraduate Studies today.  I was looking through Eric Maisel's Coaching the Artisit Within and I came across this very simple art exercise.  Fold a large piece of paper so you have four quadrants.  In the first, create your reality as you know it.  In the second, create your reality as you dream, hope, wish it.  In the third, create the obstacles or difficulties which need to be overcome in order to arrive at the desired outcome.  In the fourth quadrant, would have the gifts or talents which you have in order to resolve the difficulties.  So I start playing in photoshop, going through all of these steps, using metaphoric imagery to depict where I am, wish to be, obstacles, and gifts.  All on one image.  Very enjoyable process.  And what I came to understand is that what we may think are obstacles may actually be amazing gifts in themselves, helping us develop our own true gifts, our own authentic lives.  Lovely.  Thank you Eric!

Coincidentally I got the link from Gretchen Miller for this article on Huffington Post, worth a read, all about manifesting your dreams, and who among us wouldn't want to manifest our dreams?

So here's the challenge: read Gretchen's blog, the article in Huffington Post, and then try a version of Eric Maisel's exercise. Oh yes, and be sure to have fun!

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