Monday, May 03, 2010


"Mother" Collage by Lani with help from Elegia and Itkupilli and Chiot's Laundry on Flickr.

This week's collage obsession challenge is up, a photo of Marcus Gheeraets the younger's painting "Barbara Gamage with six children". And the word is "mother".  I looked at all these children and all of their clothes and thought that laundry day must have been quite an experience.  Once again thank you Elegia and Itkupilli for this fun activity!  And thank you, Chiot, for posting your lovely images under Creative Commons.  They are so beautiful!


Eila A said...

What a fantastic idea to think about this mother's laundry day! Your collage is really beautiful and funny and very cleverly made.

Bill C. said...

This is too funny! I love it! Once again, you beat me to the draw. I just got mine posted.

Planet Susannia said...

wowowowow... extremely goood!