Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Zen Questions (Warning: Answers may provoke creativity)

Collage by Lani with light effect from Paree Eric's Texture Extravaganza

"...the main task of a creative person is to move from his or her “everyday mode” to that quieter, deeper, more passionate, more contemplative, livelier “space” where the creative encounter occurs."                    
                                      -Eric Maisel, The Ten Zen Seconds

Here are Eric's affirmations (or incantations) that I have have turned into simple question:  Can I completely stop?, Can I expect nothing?,  Am I doing my work? (This one is a really positive trigger for me),  Can I trust my resources?,  Can I feel supported?,  Can I embrace this moment? (Yes please), Am I am free of the past?,  Can I create my meaning?,  Can I be open to joy?,  Am I equal to this challenge?,  Can I take action?,  Can I return with strength?

If my mind hesitates with any of these, I can ask myself "would I do such and such" and "when?" to get past the hesitation.

Challenge: Try creating art which is based on one of these questions.

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