Friday, May 14, 2010

What is inspiration to you?

Image from Free Image Tuesday, texture from Pareeerica, question from the ANTHROPOLOGIST, and collage by Lani

So here's the first question for my new Post Graduate Studies program: What is inspiration to you?  I looked through old "morning pages" and art journals and altered books for this one, and I really believe that my inspiration has to do with connections with other people and with the wide world itself.  My best work is seems to emerge as a gift to someone else or as an expression of gratitude for the bigger picture, the tapestry of which I have the good fortune to be a part.  And why would this state of connectedness be the source of inspiration for me?  I think it has to do with generosity and generativity.  I believe that when I am feeling most open-hearted and generous, something wakes up inside and what ever I am working on seems to be effortless.

Here's a very sweet quote about being connected from Trish Papadakos's blog:
As a friend’s mom says, “it gets easier for you to do the difficult things in life when you feel completely supported. That feeling of being connected is something you shouldn’t have to exist without.”
And here's a fantastic website filled with inspiration, it's called the ANTHROPOLOGIST and it's all about the passions of individuals creating progress of many.  It may be about real culture and real connections or it may be a subtle advertising arm for Anthropologie, the shop.  Sometimes it's hard to know what is real and what is not in this strange world!

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