Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buried Treasure 2010

Collage by Lani, textures from ShadowHouseCreations, girl from PaperWhimsy

Well, it's buried treasure time again over at Seth's blog, that time of year where he invites us to dig in our previous postings and find a few of our favorite bits of treasure...  There's nothing quite like it for inspiration, joy, excitement and fun.  So this year I'll make a small patchwork of treasure.  My first bit of treasure is from July 18, after last year's buried treasure was reveled:

Collage by Lani, background from an 18th century book of Herbal Remedies found on Lumilyon's blog.

Collected some lovely links from Seth's buried treasure and various wanderings. Do take a look at his links and if you would like to participate yourself, he's doing a "Digging Deeper", a sort of round two for those who want to continue and those who missed the first round!
One of my favorite treasures, and there were so many I only picked one, was Lumilyon. I love the mystery, photos of Lapland, story-telling, photoshop activity, and her links. Here's one of them for pages and pages of 18th Century herbal remedies from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow:

And this is from June 28, 2009:

Do you ever get memories popping up at the most unexpected times? Here's one that popped up recently. When I was in kindergarten we had "show and tell". I don't know if kids even do this any more but then we'd bring in some old treasure or collection or something we were proud of to show our class mates. I remember having a particularly treasured, beat up, distressed, old cigar box in which I had created little scrolls of old looking paper, photographs, marbles, and pipe cleaner dolls. I had aged the bits of paper by rolling them and rubbing them a lot with dirty hands. I was so excited to show my box and its contents that I gave no thought to how it would be received. Of course there were no other mixed media artists in my class so none of the other kids got it and what I really remember was the teacher REALLY not getting it. So I kind of let my love of creating old beat up stuff go dormant for a while (longer than I care to think). It's only since discovering other mixed media artists and lovers of old paper on the internet that I feel as though I've found my way home.

Thank you Kerin, Seth, and Alicia, for being a part of this experience of "home"!!!

And from June 20th, 2009:

"Dreaming of Travel" by Lani

I was in Marisa's (Creative Thursday) E-Course, "In the Fishbowl:: Life as an Artist".  In the first class  we got some questions to ponder. (One of my favorite things, pondering questions!!)

So here are two questions.
1. Why do you love what you create?
2. What are you working on when you get into the flow zone, when you lose track of time?

I love what I create because or when it mirrors something positive back to me, something which helps me understand myself and the world a little better and perhaps when there is a feeling of possibilities about it. It's pretty neat to create something and see it as really outside of myself, existing in real life, on its own, not just in my head, and I get a little rush of excitement, you know, like, "yes, I did this!" "Here is something that wasn't here moments ago, and if that is possible then just imagine what else might be possible." A wonderful feeling!

Something I also love about creating in general is how it leads me into a feeling of flow, of everything being right with the world. It is such a gift to be able to create and to be able to feel that feeling! This leads to Marisa's question "what are you working on when you lose track of time, or when you hit that flow zone?" At first I thought sort of concretely, what sort of art was I making and I made a little list: contour drawings, working with bees wax, creating a book... But then I thought it's most things art related. And then I noticed while walking my dogs this morning, looking for subject matter for my camera, that I was getting into that zone quite easily in the "treasure hunting" mode, in the looking for subjects, and it was there when I found my subjects, and then while continuing the walk and imagining how I might crop my subjects or play with them in photo shop... So really many things put me in that space, for which I am grateful!

Collage by Lani, textures from ShadowHouseCreations, girl from PaperWhimsy

Thank you so much for the opportunity to dig for treasure Seth!  Now I'm going to feed the dogs and put up the do not disturb sign, and browse the other treasure hunters on Seth's blog, The Altered Page!  It could be a long time!  Such fun!!!  (Send in the mounties if I don't surface in a week!)


Marit said...

I love the "show and tell" story.. don't know if children do that in Holland (we didn't) but I feel we're all doing it now on our blogs! LOVE IT

MrCachet said...

It's a great experience to be excited about creating your own art when you are inspired by others. It's part of the 'ZONE'!

Cheri said...

Love the layering in your collage pages - especially the last one which has a touch of "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I love the colours you use in your collages and I love that photo of the mother and daughter. It's a treasure!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You make the most spectacular collages, so full of hidden meaning and aged to perfection. It's too bad a teacher stifled your creativity. That often happens when people in authority act like they know more about art than you. You make lovely art. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jo Archer said...

Beautiful collages!

ArtPropelled said...

There's nothing quite like that feeling of flow when creating art as well as when hunting and gathering ideas.
Great collages!

*jean* said... is all i can say..

Patti said...

all of your posts are treasures, madam, and I love getting each new piece in an email so I don't miss a gem! It's not difficult to imagine you as an artist in kindergarten either... amazing how art chooses us, not the other way around; and, according to some theory we are all born artists and the school system gradually 'reforms' us.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I'm captivated by your delightful collages. Being in the flow of creating has always felt to me like a type of meditation. I go "somewhere else", and that somewhere is beautiful; it's obvious your is, too.

Svetlana said...

I love the last photo. It has such a depth.

jiLy said...

Thanks so much for this gift of a post. Love your work, your beautiful layers and reading and thinking about the feelings of being lost in time when I'm in my art flow. And my favorite thing in school then, and in my life now, is SHOW and TELL!!! What a treat to read about- and how sad that your teacher missed the boat in what show and tell is all about! hugs