Thursday, August 05, 2010

Further adventures in my "Postgraduate Studies Program"

Art doll by Lani using yarn, cloth, "crayola model magic" and my home-made "wikki stix" instructions appearing in doll making zine very soon.
Here's what I've learned today from Daniel Pink's "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko; The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need" (awesome manga comic!) :
1. "There is no plan!" 
Don't worry about what the dominant culture tells you about needing a plan.  Even the best plans get interrupted and derailed and the best stuff happens unexpectedly, like when you are eating sushi and... (no, buy or borrow the book)
2. "Think strengths, not weaknesses."
This is straight out of the positive psychology research and is extremely pragmatic.  The thing you focus on will grow.  Focus on problems, issues, weaknesses and soon that's all you see.
3. "It's not about you." 
Step back and look at the larger picture, look at the whole of which you are a part.  Do everything you do in the light of that larger picture.
4. "Persistence trumps talent."
You can have great ideas but unless you are willing to be persistent with them, bringing them out into the light of day as much as possible, no one will ever know.  You have to create in the world, not just in your head.
5. "Make excellent mistakes."
Leap into your next adventure, your next drawing, your next piece of writing.  Don't hold back because you are afraid of making a mistake.  If you make a mistake, make it excellent, let it lead you to the next step in your journey.
6. "Leave an imprint"
"People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou
So leave an imprint that makes people feel  good!

And here's what I learned from Mystele's marvelous free class "story-telling basics no. 1".
1. There is no plan.
Consult your inner artist, your intuition, your gut.  Get a dialogue going.  See where what you are working on wants to take you.  (What a wonderful class!)
2. Think strengths not weaknesses.
You have strengths for a reason, you are meant to use them and enjoy them.  Use them, enjoy them and see where that takes you.
3. It's not about you.
Step back, look at the larger picture.  What story is your story a part of?  Do all you do in the light of the larger story.
4. Persistence trumps talent.
Persistence and practice will take you everywhere!  Go now!
5. Make excellent mistakes.
Heck, when it comes to making art it's all about the most excellent mistakes.  Start this minute and see where your mistakes lead you.
6. Leave an imprint.
Make sure they are kind and wise imprints.  Make people feel good!

So the art doll above was created in Mystele's "Gut Art",  "Story-telling" style.  I worked slowly questioning my inner artist or gut (or maybe it was the doll) the entire time.  And was it fun!!!
I decided that this is how I would like to proceed with everything.  Go slowly and persistently, and check in with that inner wisdom all the time.  Hooray!  Thank you Mystele and Daniel Pink!

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Bill C. said...

Your art dolls are always awe inspiring!

I'm so glad I watched Mystele's videos, too, because I finally am drawing every day. As much as I love digital art, it only feels like it's really me if I can add something I've drawn into it. The next step for me is to make myself paint again. I better watch those videos another time!