Sunday, August 01, 2010

How do you grow your wings?

Morning Pages Collage by Lani with texture layers from my own TTV and  Flypaper Textures.

While in Cape Breton we got together with some friends and over dinner we would have the most interesting conversations.  One of these was about beauty.  Where do you feel it in your body, what is the feeling exactly?  After much thought (It's a great subject for thought) I decided that beauty is always something that surprises me and fills me with awe, as if I'd suddenly grown wings and could enjoy soaring.  This got me thinking about what other ways I can grow those metaphoric wings of awe and surprise. 

Alexander Graham Bell's grandson flying a kite in Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  (Image tinted and fiddled with by Lani with help from  Flypaper Textures.)

Sometimes that feeling comes when I read a great article about something that I am already interested in, something that adds to my body of knowledge on the subject and something which I will be able to incorporate into my work.  So here's an example.  I love the idea of building resilience especially with tools I already have, so when I got a notice for volume 4, 6 of the Wise Brain Bulletin from Rick Hanson, I downloaded it and found a great article on neuroscience and resilience by Linda Graham.  I loved the article and will work with some of her exercises via art and see what come of it.  I also enjoyed looking at her website, which has more articles and links to other resources.  One was for a book by Lorne Larder, The Lost Art of Compassion (which is all too easily purchased via kindle I have to say!!!).  In it Dr. Larder asks this question:  "What is essential for living a happy and meaningful life?"  Wonderful question!  I'm sure if we asked each other this more often we'd get all kinds of good ideas about what is essential and what makes us grow our wings.

So how do you grow your wings?  And what do you believe is essential for living a happy and meaningful life?

Collage by Lani, texture layers fromFlypaper Textures(here and almost everywhere on my digital work)

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